Post by Howard We » Sun, 30 Oct 1994 11:13:00

Check your Define.Name dialog box.  It is possible to define a name to
refer to a formula.  I do this all the time to pull data out of strings
or just to replicate formulas too complex to retype, but to small to
write a U.D.F. for.

If I'm right, the "Refers To..." box will contain a formula just like
you would enter in a cell.  Wherever you paste the name, the formula is
evaluated and displayed on the sheet.


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As you've noticed, "Up" refers to the cell above the current cell. "Row"
refers to the row of the current cell. "Price Row" returns the cell at
the intersection of the current row and the column named "Price". Neat,

Steve Sills
Plano, Texas

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