Help with Lotus Script please!

Help with Lotus Script please!

Post by Sinéad Reynol » Thu, 25 Apr 2002 17:32:54


I have converted spreadsheets from 123 to Excel and cannot understand
this formula:

\I/ from E2 \I/

There is no range called E2 in the file, and cell E2 is part of the
header at the top of the sheet.

Any ideas?


Sinad Reynolds


1. Convert Lotus Script to EXCEL 97 Script

The following Lotus script ask user for a value to enter at cellpointer
location and then enters at cellpointer value entered.

How can this be converted to use with EXCEL 97?


Sub EnterValue
 Dim Value As Integer
 Dim rs As Range
 Value = Inputbox$ ("Enter Value")
 Print Value
 Set rs = [A].getactivecell
 Let rs.Contents = Value
End Sub

Thanks for your help.
Bob Leonard

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