Just found a great Dos spr-sht.

Just found a great Dos spr-sht.

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I do not work for Trius, but I am a *very* happy customer of theirs.  I just
wanted to let everyone know that the latest version of AsEasyAs for Dos is now
available as an ftp.  The archive name is aea550b.zip (I think) and is
available virtually everywhere!

I normally use version 5.01, but I have found (especially as a physics major)
that 5.50 has some interesting additions.  A few:

o       Does least squares fits to somewhere around the fifth order.

o       Lets you have  a quasi-GUI, where you can now view your inserted
graphs on the screen without having to do a page view.

o       Much improved printer control (at least, on my system).

o       Viewing of the data and the fitted function on the same axes without
having to make another column of just the fitted data.

o       ..and more!..

Sorry if anyone thinks this is a plug.  I just thought that those interested
in obtaining a low-cost, high-quality spreadsheet for Dos might want to check
this one out.

Public Brand Software gave it a gold-trophy.

Registration is about $69.


Nickname: Sparky, 'cause I was stupid enough to touch a 500V supply!


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SPR # 9911 - When DOS_OPT_EXPORT is used, dosFsLib will write to the
media bytes in the FAT Table.  This will cause Microsoft ScanDisk and
Disk Doctor to report an incorrect media byte in the FAT entry.  This
does not fix this issue.  The current workaround is *NOT* to use
on filesystems that will be subjected to Microsoft ScanDisk and Norton

I think I may be being hit by this (currently still investigating) but
I am trying to find out what the ramifications of not using DOS_OPT_EXPORT
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