help on changing columns to rows and sending data to a cell based on cordinates

help on changing columns to rows and sending data to a cell based on cordinates

Post by Bill Coo » Fri, 28 Feb 1997 04:00:00

1.      We have equipment that stores data into a csv file with varying
dumbers on data values.  When we import these into a excel spread sheet,
they are all placed in row 1 from column a to end.  This only allows for
256 points.  How can we get this to read into a column instead.

2.      The second situation is where we will have data like this 35,13
now we want to put a X in row 35 at the 46th column. The row is no
problem but how to address the column value (column 13 is = column M)


1. How can I multiply (many) Excel 5 cells in rows by cells in columns?

Is there an array formula (or something else) that would take the place of
=(C2*$B$50)+(D2*$B$51)+(E2*B$52) etc. etc.?
Each column (C through DK) contains unique data which is multilplied by the
appropriate row in column B. This data
is column B is linked to a formula on another page, so I can't transpose
this data from column format to row format
without losing the link, which is no good. There are approx. 100 columns
and rows, so this is a pain.

Can anyone help with this one? I can set this array formula up OK if the
"B" column data is transposed to row format; it's keeping the link that's
the problem.  

Thanks in advance,

Tom Sheppard

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