BUG Excel 5.0: Path not found !!!

BUG Excel 5.0: Path not found !!!

Post by Stephan Richa » Sat, 14 May 1994 00:40:54

In Excel 5.0, I insert a VBA module, then  I select the menu:


and I get the following dialog box:

Path not found

with two buttons: Ok and Help.

The help information is useless and the Ok action does nothing.

Am I the only having this problem?



1. Excel 5.0 Find/Replace bug

I have found a bug in Excel 5.0 and was wondering if Microsoft has
released a patch for it.

To reproduce this bug:
1) Open a new workbook.
2) Select all sheets in the workbook.
3) In cell A1 of Sheet1 type Blue.
4) In cell B1 of Sheet1 type Red.
5) Select Edit.Replace...
6) Replace all Blue with Yellow.
7) Select Edit.Replace... again.
8) Replace all Red with Orange.

If you tab throughout the workbook you'll see that Blue has been
replaced by Yellow on every sheet. However, Red is replaced by
Orange on every sheet except Sheet1. Subsequent Find/Replace operations
also skip Sheet1.

Neil Negandhi

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