Opposite of a Pivot Table??

Opposite of a Pivot Table??

Post by Sullivan, Bo » Wed, 30 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Dear List,

I am looking for a function that will essentially be the opposite of a
pivot table. I have data now that looks like it was produced with a pivot
table (it was not). Each name in the lis appears once down the left side of
the table, and there are eight different possible categories that appear as
columns along the top. Some rows have one entry in the various columns,
some have several.

I am looking for a non macro procedure that will turn this data into three
columns of date. The first column would contain the name, the second the
category (from the column headers) and the thrid the amount that appears in
the data section. So when finished, if a person has two entries in the
former "pivot table" he will now have two rows in the new alignment. If a
single entry, then a single row. If three entries, then three rows, and so

Is there an excel function or procedure that performs essentially the
opposite of a pivot table?

Thanks for any help in this matter.
Bob Sullivan

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Any clues ?  Please e-mail me as out news feed can be slow.

Andrew Logie

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