Advice required: Multiple workbooks, User forms, Add-ins?

Advice required: Multiple workbooks, User forms, Add-ins?

Post by Peter McNaught » Tue, 26 Feb 2002 06:18:10

I'm developing a Costing program and would appreciate some advice on
the best way to wrap it up.

It currently consists of:
1.  a workbook with just lookup tables of prices
2.  a workbook for EACH costing
3.  a series of VB forms and associated code to aid the costing.
Currently the forms are located in each costing workbook.

What I would like to know.
1.  Can I move the VB forms from the costing workbook(s) to the Lookup
table workbook?
2.  Would creating an Add-in be a better solution?

Note:  There will be a number of people using the Lookup table
workbook at one time.

Thanks in advance


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