column widths in Excel

column widths in Excel

Post by Russell Schu » Mon, 12 Aug 1996 04:00:00

> not that I've ever seen.  our single-sheet spreadsheets are usually
> built in a big diagonal-style, so that now two sections share the
> same columns or rows.

er, `no two sections', that is.


1. Excel 97 - Screen column width vs. printed column width

I need to place a large amount of data on a printed page.  As a result, I
shrink the column widths on the screen to the minimum such that the is only
enough space for the characters in each cell without going to the ####.
However, when I view the page on print preview and when I print the page,
the column width becomes wider so that there is blank space in the cell
resulting in a wider horizontal separation between the data in each column.

Does anyone know why this occurs and can it be eliminated?


Herman Axelrod

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