Graphics Add-ins for Excel 5.0

Graphics Add-ins for Excel 5.0

Post by Eric Fla » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Does anybody have any experience with alternatives to the Excel/MS
Chart charting facility? I've always preferred the look of *
and Harvard, particularly in presentations. I find the MS Chart client
for Powerpoint woefully underpowered. I've been thinking about trying
XLChart from Harvard (SPC), but I'd like some input first.



1. Finding Excel 5.0 add-ins

I'm trying to distribute an Excel 5.0 app that uses the XLODBC.XLA add-in.
When I developed it I used the Tools..References menu item to point to the
add-in at c:\...\Excel\Library\MSQuery\XLODBC.XLA. As I try to install on
other users' machines with Excel installed at different c:\...\Excel
directories, opening the workbook causes Excel to search through the VBA
module, realize it can't find the XLODBC add-in, and pop the user into the
middle of the code with an error message "Sub or function not found",
locating the XLODBC function name. Pretty ugly!

Would you know of a way to tell Excel about the add-in location before it
finds this problem? Perhaps there is even another way to deal with this problem
that I'm not aware of.

Thanks for your help.

Jim Williams

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