Excel add-ins not recognized by VB5

Excel add-ins not recognized by VB5

Post by LLoyd Mund » Mon, 05 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have an excel workbook that uses an add-in which I downloaded from the
Microsoft site. This excel add-in, called HTML.XLA allows me to create HTML
pages from my Excel spreadsheet data AUTOMATICALLY from within VBA.

 In my code it runs a sub called "ConvertToHTML" and all I have to do is
pass it parameters. It works fine but here's my problem.

I have written a front-end in VB5 and connected to the excel workbook. Thats
all OK except when I try to compile the VB5 project it fails because it does
not recognize the sub named above. In effect, my VB5 project does not
recognize an excel add-in. It complains about it not being the correct type
of object reference. I cannot reference this add-in anywhere within the VB5
environment, and it's not listed in the object browser so my project is
DOOMED until I find a way for VB5 to recognize this excel add-in.

Any help wll be greatly appreciated.


lloyd mundy (from London)


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