Downloaded Data in Excel

Downloaded Data in Excel

Post by 1NetAdminG » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 05:35:37

I have an Excel file on my company intranet that runs macros and keeps
track of expenditures for each operating unit in the company. For some
reason when when I open it or save it to my pc it continues to give me
old data when i open it. If I save it to my PC and name it something
completely different, then it will give me the new data.

for example, the filename given to it on the intranet is invmgmt.xls.
if i change this to junk1.xls when saving on my pc, it works fine. but
if i download the same file with the changes a week later and name it
invmgmt.xls or anything with junk in the name, it gives me old data.
however if i name it something completely different like my name, it
will work. I'm just curious if anyone has heard of anything like this,
as i can only name it so many different things before i forget what
i've used. i've even tried to delete the old ones before downloading
new ones,and restarted, thinking it might reside in memory somewhere,
but it will still give me the old data. any insight on this problem
would be helpful.