Excel 2002: "Unable to read file" solution from Dell Support

Excel 2002: "Unable to read file" solution from Dell Support

Post by Cryst » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 01:24:32

I just paid $30 for this from Dell OEM support, so I'd like to post it
in case it helps someone else. It's NOT a good idea to delete stuff in
your registry if you don't know what you're doing... but here it is!

Symptoms: Whenever I try to open any Excel 2002 documents or the Excel
2002 program itself, a small error window appears "Unable to read
file. OK/cancel". This message appeared four times and after I hit OK
for the fourth time, my document would appear. Also, initially, a log
file was also opening up at the same time: NicCimIns.log, but my
network admin guy deleted it, and after that, the log no longer
appeared, just the document. //Some people aparently get this same
error message ("unable to read file"), but then their documents also
become corrupted -- this did not happen to me.

Solution: Go into the registry:
Delete the "Excel" key.


We first found the Microsoft knowledge base article 812384, where they
will not give out their fix to this problem over the Net. It says to
call them directly, but also that the charges can be canceled if a
Microsoft Support Professional deteremines that a specific update will
resolve your problem. However, we called Microsoft and they referred
me to Dell for OEM support.



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I posted an article about a week ago related to this same situation.  In my
case, a user had saved an Excel 7.0 file with the name "POREP,JUNE.xls".  
It saved the file apparently fine, but it gave the same error message when
she tried to restore the file.  My impression was that it was due to the
comma in the filename which I believe is invalid.  However, Excel didn't
catch this.

Are your filenames such that they might contain invalid characters?

Agreed.  I think this is an appropriate newsgroup, short of Microsoft's
newsgroups on MSN.  I would like to hear any information somone more
knowledgeable than myself might have as this is a distressing problem.

Thanks in advance,

        Tom Robbs

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