Ties in formula results

Ties in formula results

Post by M Wals » Wed, 30 Aug 2000 04:00:00

When I use the formula below to find corresponding items it works fine,
UNLESS there is a "tie" (two or more matches). It gives me the first one it
finds and then repeats the same matching name for all the others. How can I
get it to list each specific match and not just repeat the first one?
The formula: =index(ScoreSheet!$B:$B,MATCH(K23,ScoreSheet!$N:$N,0))
I know I can use the sort feature, but I would rather a formula.
My table is set up like this:

Name    Team    Score
Smith      One      590


1. @@ formula tied to file link

I have set up a file that contains numerous file links.  I put the file link in

result of a string formula.

        A                            B
1   Drive               T:\
2   Subdirectory    Inventry\Commdity\
3   Commdity       CRAL
4   YearRef           98
5   Suffix              p.wk4
6   Sheet/Column  Inventory:R
7   QFilRef            +"<<"&B1&B2&B3&B4&B5&">>"&B6
                            which produces:

                           which refers to:

The formula in B15 is repeated 51 times down each of 15 columns, each of which
refers to a different Commdity file.

The formula works most of the time but not always.  It works or doesn't by file
(in other words, either an entire column works or it doesn't.)  Where the link
doesn't work, I get zeros.  I can't identify anything that is particularly
different about the files that don't work.  Anyone have any ideas why this
setup would work in some cases and ot others?

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