HELP ! Trying to send Excel macros via DDE

HELP ! Trying to send Excel macros via DDE

Post by Mark Sigers » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Can anyone out there help an Excel novice with a tricky problem ?

I'm trying to send simple macro commands to Excel using DDE
(via the DDEML library). From my Visual C++ application,
I want to start up Excel and tell it to open a .TXT
file produced by my application.

I'm able to start and terminate valid DDE conversations with Excel,
but cannot get it to respond to simple VB methods such as
Open, OpenText, etc, nested in DDE Execute messages, for example

[Workbooks.OpenText filename:="C:\DATA.TXT"],

to which Excel doesn't respond.

Is there something I need to do at the Excel end of the
conversation to enable it to receive commands by DDE ?

Any help much appreciated.

Mark Sigerson