<?>How to make bar charts w/ error bars in QPRO 6.0

<?>How to make bar charts w/ error bars in QPRO 6.0

Post by sandra v. pa » Sun, 26 Feb 1995 02:21:31

This is a second try - the posting software has some quirks that I seldom
seem to remember.

If you have figured out how to make bar charts w/ error bars (or standard
deviation bars), I would appreciate your insight.  The documentation
mentions candle charts, ie. a bar chart w/small line (candle) arising
from the bar top.  This won't do.  The help menu is silent.  An icon for
combination graphs shows the type of graph I'm trying to construct.
            |   |   |
            |   |   |
            |   |   |
            |       |
            |       |

Please email your responses directly to me.  Thanks in advance.
Sandra Palm


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Thanks for the quick answer. A pitty, this does not work. I just intended to
use this table various times and using a variable would have meant better



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