|| Need MS CRM Functional Consultants & BIG MACHINES (CRM) Consultants - shiv@terminalcontacts.com

|| Need MS CRM Functional Consultants & BIG MACHINES (CRM) Consultants - shiv@terminalcontacts.com

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Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 10:01 AM
Subject: Recruiting-Simplifies || Need MS CRM Functional Consultants & BIG


Need your support to close this urgent opening with our new client.. share

Position: *CRM Functional Consultant*
Location: Redmond, WA
Position: 1
Duration: 6+ Months


-->MSCRM Functional(L2)-Demonstrates deep knowledge of MSCRM Sales, Service
and Marketing modules, and surround technologies like SQL Server. Should be
able to develop complex workflows and sales processes. Should be able to
lead development efforts. Should be able to define test plan and carry out
system testing. Should be able to conduct UAT

-->MSCRM Technical(L2)-CRM Customization and Installation &  Configuration
1)Should have understanding of MSCRM 3-Tier Architecture 2)Should be able
to do Configuration using in-built MSCRM tools 3)Should possess good
Knowledge of MSCRM SDK 4)Should be able to write new code and

-->MS CRM Surround(L2)-JavaScript and .NET (Basic) + SQL + SSRS

1)Should have working knowledge of the fundamentals and basics on
JavaScript, uses and features, terminology, SCRIPT tag &  event handlers.

2)Should be aware of the basic concepts of C -Basic Programming Knowledge

Positions: *Big Machines (CRM) consultant*
Duration: 6+ Months
Location: Washington

Overall 8 plus years of exp with CRM application, which include minimum 4
years on Big Machine integration with CRM product (preferably SFDC).
Job description on Big Machines resource skills > Integration with SFDC
1. Fluency in writing the programming in Object oriented languages and
native BM programming languages such as
2. Big Machines Language and Big Machines query language .
3. Knowledge in Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Extensible Style sheet
Language (XSL) that will support Big Machines-Salesforce integration.
4. Strong hands on writing WSDL, SOAP that will support the Big Machines
integration with ERP systems.
5. Basic knowledge of Salesforce customization Triggers, Classes to
successfully accomplish Big Machines-Salesforce integration


Shiv Vuddagiri
Terminal Contacts
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