HELP >>> ActiveMovie SDK problems <<< HELP

HELP >>> ActiveMovie SDK problems <<< HELP

Post by Asbj?rn Oska » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I'm an information technology research scientist at Norut
Informationtechnology Inc.
in Tromsoe, Norway.
Right now I'm working on a project where I'm trying to use the
ActiveMovie SDK 1.0 in various ways. The keyword is Video On Demand.

I have already made a Video On Demand player based on ActiveMovie. It
takes it's input (MPEG1 system streams) through an asynchronous
sourcefilter I have implemented.
The player is a netscape plug-in and works fine playing MPEG1-system
streams sent over the network from a very simple videoserver. It can
even jump. The player also uses the MPEG splitter-filter, the MPEG video
and Audio filters and the audio and video render filters provided with

What I'm trying to do now is a bit different. I wan't to feed the MPEG
videodecoder directly from a plain MPEG video-stream. The reason for
this is that I want to be able to play separate video and audio streams.

I can feed the MPEG audiodecoder directly and it works as a dream. The
videodecoder however poses a bigger problem.
I have made a sourcefilter that connects with the MPEG videodecoder but
I have not yet been able to figure out how to feed data properly to it.
I get a few pictures decoded and displayed and that's it. It probably
has something to do with timestamps.
I have tried to timestamp every picture, every I-picture, every group of
picture but the effect is the same. (I've used 100 nanosec units on the
timestamps, and set the sync flag on the sample)
I even tried to simulate the samples the splitter produces (I spied on
what this filter produces) but with no luck.

I've also tried streaming the MPEG-audio and MPEG-video each through
their own splitterfilter but then I got problems with the streams not
being properly synchronized.

What I really should like to know is what magic the MPEG splitter filter
is doing when feeding a plain MPEG video file into the decoder?

I,m getting quite fed up with the trial and error method I've been using
for some time to find out how some of the filters works.
Many a night I've cried myself to sleep over the incomplete ActiveMovie
SDK documentation :)

Please, is there anyone out there who can help me?


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