Named Pipe Security Questions...

Named Pipe Security Questions...

Post by Dwayne Park » Fri, 14 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have a (possibly simple) question about security issues with named pipes
under Windows NT.  Here is the scenario:


NT Service(running under User A context):  Creates named pipe (and several
synchronization objects).  It acts as a named pipe server...

NT Application(under User B context):  This program attempts to connect via
the pipe but fails with a error #5  (Access Denied) every time.


The very same code running as two separate applications (same user context)
works fine.  But one as a service and... no go.  Both named pipe and synchro
objects give the above message.

This code is written in VB with Win32 API wrapper functions and that makes
things a bit tricky at times, but I feel that the issue is most likely in
the security attributes of the named pipe (same thing for the synchro
objects...).  Does this sound likely?  Any suggestions?  Since this is
written in VB I would like to avoid the security APIs as they deal with
structures, etc. which can be messy to deal with from within VB and I'm also
not that familiar with them.  But if I must...

Right now I'm using a NULL for the security attribute parameter in the named
pipe and synchro API calls.  I can provide code snippets if necessary...

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

- Dwayne Parks, CMIS


Named Pipe Security Questions...

Post by Felix Kasza [MV » Sat, 15 Aug 1998 04:00:00


 > Right now I'm using a NULL for the security attribute
 > parameter in the named pipe and synchro API calls.

To make that pipe accessible to world:

        call InitializeSecurityDescriptor() on it
        set a NULL DACL with
                SetSecurityDescriptorDacl( pSD, TRUE, NULL, FALSE )
        plug the SD into your SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES




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When a process calls WaitNamedPipe, the pipe is located and an instance

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The problem is that my process (an MS-DOS console program or VB4 app) is

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Thanks in advance.


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