Modifying focused title bars, how?

Modifying focused title bars, how?

Post by Xrad Austin Dav » Sat, 18 Feb 1995 06:09:52

        Im currently working with an application that is an always on
top application displaying a number and a time value.  Ive seen apps
that modify windows so that info (usually a clock, or free resources)
is displayed in the title bar of whatever windows has the current
focus.  Could anyone give me a pointer to information on how that is



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1. Modifying Title Bar of the app with focus

I wonder if anyone out there knows how the title bar of the application that
has the focus can be modified to carry a new name or bitmap ? I know MS
does not approve of modifying the title bar, but I would still like to be
able to do that.
Its a difficult one, but I hope someone can help out, as I can't find the
answer anywhere in the manuals, even the non-MS approved ones!
Please post to this newsgroup, although any answers personally received will
be reposted here.

thanks a 1024*1024!



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