OpenPrinter call from Visual C++ MFC app

OpenPrinter call from Visual C++ MFC app

Post by Branch System » Fri, 27 Jul 2001 16:38:02

I am trying to get the default printer settings; change the paper source to
tray 1(upper); and print.
All the code excerpts I have seen refer to OpenPrinter and
Fine, I code the appropriate code and get error messages:
OpenPrinter is not a member of global namespace ''
DocumentProperties is not a member of global namespace ''

I am calling OpenPrinter as '::OpenPrinter(......'

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.


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Help.  I am trying to write a simple UDP server in Visual C++ 4.0.  I have
created a class based on CAsyncSocket and overridden the
CAsyncSocket::OnReceive function to call a function in my Document class.  I
then call MySock->Receive(), but I am not getting any data.  The BytesRecieved
returned by the Receive function is always zero.  

I have just started to delve into this field, and all of the sample code with
VC++ is all TCP oriented, using CSocket and CArchive.  This does not help me
as it is stated in the help files that CSocket/CArchive can only be used in
STREAM SOCKETS, therefore no UDP allowed.

Any help, or even sample code would be much appreciated.

Paul Meisner.

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