Looking for fix for section leak problem

Looking for fix for section leak problem

Post by mark » Wed, 02 Apr 2003 05:23:32

Looking for MS section leak fix for computers that
experiencing delays after user logs on "Applying Personal



1. MAPI Memory leaks: Is this bug fixed?

Hi all!
I'm developing a Simple MAPI application designed to run unattended on the
Windows NT / 2000 platform for a long time, processing incoming attachments.
Memory leaks seems to occur after calling MAPIReadMail() / MAPIFreeBuffer().
The leaks are cumulative, and increase by a few bytes for each message read.

I already know of the fact that MAPI throws 4 Kb away for each MAPILogon
call. This bug can easily be worked around. The memory leak from
MAPIReadMail() / MAPIFreeBuffer() is more severe, since there are no obvious

My version of mapi32.dll is 5.5.2174.0.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Fixes? Microsoft's support site
sure didn't come up with anything.

With regards
Espen Andersen, Norway

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