Associations from win.ini

Associations from win.ini

Post by Eric Von Retherfo » Sun, 30 May 1993 02:59:15

May I inquire on how one would read and use the extensions and associations
listed in win.ini?



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Associations from win.ini

Post by David Braba » Wed, 02 Jun 1993 19:39:56

Quote:>May I inquire on how one would read and use the extensions and associations
>listed in win.ini?


        Use the shell API functions "ShellExecute" and "FindExecutable".



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There are loads of commands that can be added to either the win.ini or the
sys.ini that allow you to configure windows, but appear to be unavailable
from within windows any other way.



which speeds up disk access for Stacker 4.0 (as recommended in the tech notes)

My question is, is there a comprehensive list of these 'hidden' commands
available anywhere - either on the net as a text document, or in a book


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