external devices

external devices

Post by Yaron Aviga » Thu, 31 Oct 1996 04:00:00


>Im looking for a way to connect and handle external devices (like : coins >device, cards reader, .... ).

>Do Java can do it itself  (Java Api, drivers, parallel port ....  ) ?

>If Java cant do it itself and I will have to use another method , witch method >will be the most fast
>and efficient to work with ?

>a lot of thanks ..... Yaron


1. VB and External Devices


I am engaged in a project which requires VB to talk to and control a
number of external devices.  I want to keep my programming to the
minimum (because I am not a very good programmer and I want to actually
do something with the instrument, not spend a lot of time developing
drivers). I have two enquiries concerning this problem.

a) MULTIPORT RS232: Has anybody had experience with multiport RS232
boards under Windows (and VB in particular)?  I have come across only one
brand that claims to have a Windows driver, but I have no information on
the driver.  I would like to have up to eight RS232 lines available.

b) STEPPER MOTOR CONTROLLERS:  I have not as yet found a stepper motor
controller board that comes with Windows/VB compatible drivers.  Does
anybody know of such a beast?

Any help will be much appreciated.  I am surprised at the lack of
drivers for such pieces of hardware, as Windows has been around long
enough to require them to be written.


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