Word 7 command identifiers (.WLL capi commands)

Word 7 command identifiers (.WLL capi commands)

Post by Judy Labovit » Mon, 28 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I'm in the midst of migrating a word 6 .WLL to word 7 and need to
it to handle the new capabilities of word 7.  I've identified the things
need to do, but some of the commands are new to word 7, and therefore
aren't included in the wdcmds.h file included with the word developer's
provided for those of us using .WLLs instead of macros.  Does anybody
what these defines might be - for example, the ones corresponding to
Highlight, EditFindHighlight, MailMessageHeader, ... all those new ones
that are word 7 only.  The CAPI just doesn't handle the compile of these
new functions.  Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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Hello Folks,

Anyone out there migrate a Word "WLL" program from a CAPI (C interface to
program to an OLE Automation program?

I understand that MS is not particularly interested in wordbasic's future
and therefore by
extension no longer interested in the C language interface to it.

Any tips, books, sites which might provide some insights for the OLE
(particularly as it
relates to writing Office programs (Word)) neophyte would be wonderful!

Note, this is a C++ project, not VB*.

Thanks much.


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