Toolbar image change , icon to bitmap for toolbar, AddBitmap

Toolbar image change , icon to bitmap for toolbar, AddBitmap

Post by Raja Sundaraja » Sat, 22 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I use SHGetFileInfo() to get an icon handle. (i.e. sfi.hIcon) from a file.

I want to change the image of a button in Toolbar with the Icon I extracted
from the file. Does anyone have the idea how to do this ?
Effectively I do not want to use the bitmap resources,

If u answere any of the follwing question will be really great to me

1. How to convert an icon handle to an bitmap ?
2. how to use the Addbitmap method in CToolBarCtrl ?
3. how to change an image of an button in Toolbar ?

I appreciate ur response.



1. toolbar icons for image list

Anyone know where the icons are kept for the standard buttons in the
toolbar, i.e. open, save, print, etc... so they can be placed into an image
I know they already exist if you use the application wizard and upto now I
have just been inserting an image list control from an application wizard
into my application, anyone any ideas
    cheers in advance,


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