Exports and Def files...

Exports and Def files...

Post by Reza Razavipou » Sat, 28 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have a third party software that I need to port to Alpha.

This package uses DEF files to export functionality.

The linker generates a MAP file, I have a tool that generates a DEF
file from this map file. So far so good. I relink the library again.

I build this third party software in debug and release.
I build my product. Everything is OK in DEBUG, I link fine, no missing
I build the RELEASE, I get a bunch of unresolved functions. So I look in
the DEF file
for the RELEASE and sure enough they are not there.

What dictates what gets added to the map file? How can I force the contents
the MAP file? Is it a compile switch, a linker switch?

What am I missing?




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I want to export my classes by ordinal in order to get a new version of my
DLL compatible with older applications. In the Microsoft documentation I
could read that I have to fetch the decorated names of the functions out of
the map-file and put them into the .def-file with the ordinal numbers. But
this is a hard work if You have some hundreds of functions.

Does anybody know a tool to do this work for me ?


Hartmut Melchin

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