Programs don't close when one user logs off and another logs on?

Programs don't close when one user logs off and another logs on?

Post by Chuck Chiavari » Wed, 05 Dec 2001 10:48:26


Running W2k, SP2. Machines are on a Novell network with roaming
profiles enabled via Netware.

We like the shutdown option to log off the current user and
immediately allow the next user to log on, without an actual restart.
However, our Novell login script calls a batch file that copies
certain executables to the workstation upon login. Many of these
programs are running in the background when the user logs off.

When the next user logs on, the batch file is unable to copy the
executables to the workstation, complaining that one or more of the
files is "in use by another process."

Do programs really close in this scenario? Is there a way around this?

TIA ...

Chuck Chiavarini

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thanx in advance.


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