Winsock DATAGRAM broadcasting on single machine

Winsock DATAGRAM broadcasting on single machine

Post by Jim McCa » Fri, 04 Oct 1996 04:00:00

First, thanks to everyone who helped me out with my question last week
(regarding development of client and server apps and testing them on the same
non-network-equipment machine.)

I got the MSVC chatter and chatsrvr sample programs talking to each other on
my development machine.  This machine does not have a network card, but I am
able to get them communicating by using as an IP address and hitting
<Cancel> when the dial-up dialog appears.

However, I've been converting the program to use datagram broadcasts and it no
longer seems to work.  I've got the chatsrvr successfully sending out datagram
broadcast messages without getting any error messages.  But the chatter client
never receives any notification of new data, even though I've also converted
it to expect datagrams also.  I understand that the problems may be from my
conversion effort, perhaps messing something up somewhere, but while I'm
searching in that direction I'd like to ask some questions:

a) Will notification methods (OnReceive, etc.) still get called for datagram

b) I theorized that maybe the notification messages weren't available for
   datagram broadcasts, and tried setting up a timer to periodically try
   calling ReceiveFrom().  But it locks up (also when I tried Receive()).

c) Will datagram broadcasts still work when I am not connected to the network?
   I don't think this is really the problem since my program locks up
   regardless of whether I'm connected (dialed-in) or not.

Thanks for the help,



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