Converting 2.0 TSP to 1.4

Converting 2.0 TSP to 1.4

Post by James Alsto » Wed, 19 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I've written a TSP that runs under TAPI 2.0 (native NT4 or Win95 with
TAPI 2.1 upgrade). Some people running Win95 that want to use it have
upgraded to TAPI 2.1 and now have trouble with their old modem TSPs -
e.g. "Illegal operation" messages and the apps hang - I'm not sure which

I want to create a version that runs on Win95 without the TAPI 2.1

Our TSP is pretty simple - it allows you to make calls and answer calls
and not a lot else (there are no features that TAPI 1.4 does not support).

How much work would it be to convert it to run under TAPI 1.4?

One thing that may be relevant is that it creates a couple of threads
internally - I seem to remember reading that this would be different
with a 1.4 TSP.

Thanks for your time.

- James Alston


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