Visual Basic applications migrated from Windows 95 to Windows NT 4.0

Visual Basic applications migrated from Windows 95 to Windows NT 4.0

Post by Peter Tr » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Recently I've upgraded my PC from Windows 95 to NT 4.0.  Now I can't
run my applications which were developed in Visual Basic 4.0
Enterprise, I'd get an error message "Cannot find project or library "
for functions such as RTRIM()...
How can I set up proper libraries for applications were developed in
windows 95.

Please help...


1. Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server and Visual Basic Application Latency Issues

My company has a problem. An application we paid to have developed was
in Visual Basic 6.0 for deployment on a Windows NT Terminal Server.
As some of you may know Microsoft does not support Visual Basic 6 on
WINNT 4.0 Terminal Server.

The application went through testing as a "Thick Client" so the
testers missed the latency issues until it was too late. Here is what
I know, hopefully one of you bright coders out there can help me out.

The application communicates with a database using DCE and utilizes
MSFlexgrids and virtually every other standard control. The
application itself functions properly, no crashes or errors. The
problem is responsiveness; the application takes an extreme amount of
time to process information, far more than it does as a "Thick

The application queries the database quickly, pulls back the required
information then while parsing the information locally (iterating
through each line of data) the application slows to a crawl. Each
database entry can take as much as 1 second to be parsed where the
thick client processes hundreds within a second. On the server side we
see that the application is using approx 50% of a dual Pentium Zeon
700Mhz box for a single instance of the application and most of this
processor utilization is "Privileged" where in the Thick Client mode
it runs as a normal user process.

I don't have direct access to the code itself (or I would have posted
the problematic parts), but I'm hoping someone has ran into a similar
situation or perhaps knows of some "feature" of 4.0 Terminal server
that would cause this type of delay.

Thank you all for your time,

Andrew Stepleton

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