R2_XORPEN does not work with polyline()?

R2_XORPEN does not work with polyline()?

Post by Rong X » Sat, 22 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Under Visual C++ 5.0, I use white pen to draw signal using polyline() on
a black background. The siganl that I get under R2_COPYPEN and R2_XORPEN
mode are different. The spikes of the signal disappear under R2_XORPEN

What is the reason for that? Is it because R2_XORPEN does not work with



1. Help with drawing polyline & not refreshing screen right!

Hi All,

        It's me again, the guy new programming for Windows with BC++ v4 and
OWL v2.  I have a question that I hope someone can answer.  I am trying
to draw neat shapes and things in my non-mdi main window.  I am using
the Paint function of the TWindows class to do some of the drawing, but
I find that I need to do some manual drawing on my own, so I am using a
pointer to the TDC class, called DragDC.  I am wondering how I can clear
the screen of the stuff drawn with the DragDC pointer.  the Invalidate
function does not clear my screen, and I havent found another way in the
documentation or the examples.  Heres a general overview of my code:

class TMyWindow:TWindow
TDC* DragDC;    

TMyWindow::Paint(TDC& dc, ...)
dc.Polyline(points, 4);


for (i = 1; i < 100; i++);

//function calls which change the values of points included here

Invalidate();  // this has no effect on the appearance of the
                // window, i.e. it does not clear it, nor does
                // it generate a WM_PAINT message.
                // So I am forced to draw manually, using
                // the next 3 lines.

DragDC = new TDragDC(*this);
delete DragDC;

This code draws a 100 copies of the Polyline on top of each other, and
then they are all
deleted and a final one is drawn by the paint function.

I guess the are two potential ways to solve this problem.  One would be
to call the Paint function from inside the for loop, but I don't know
how to do that.  The second would be to clear the screen within the for
loop, but I haven't been able to do that either.  When exactly does
windows generate the WM_PAINT message?  I thought it did whenever
Invalidate was called, but apparently not, or this code should work.
Sorry to be asking such an elementary question, but I am waiting for
some better references to arrive in the mail which will hopefully aid me
in my plight.

Thanks alot.



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