Post by JIMMY BUDDENBE » Fri, 29 Apr 1994 00:44:58

I'm using the Borland Visual Solutions Pack and I have added the MhClock to
one of my dialog boxes.  Is there a way I can call up the current time?
I've tried the following but I keep getting a return of 0 for the seconds,
minute, and hour.

#include <windows.h>
#include <vbxctl.h>
#include <mhcl2001.h>

TWindow *pParent;
int resid;
BOOL result;
int Hour, Minute, Second;
TVbxMhClock myMhClock(pParent, resid);

result = myMhClock.GetPropHour(Hour);
result = myMhClock.GetPropMinute(Minute);
result = myMhClock.GetPropSecond(Second);

Do I have to actually write the code for the clock or can I just add the clock
visually to the dialog box then try to access the time using the above

Any help would be appreciated as this has been a big stumbling block for my
final project.


Student Systems Analyst
Muskingum College