Getting printer driver to re-read win.ini

Getting printer driver to re-read win.ini

Post by SUNB.. » Sat, 01 Jan 1994 09:21:24

I need to make my laserjet driver read win.ini before it prints each new
job.  I have o do it this way, to change the paper settings, because the
app does not support it.

1. Getting services to re-read the system environment variables.

I want to have a CGI access a small "daily ticket" (which, of
course, is changed through an automated process everyday). Keeping
the ticket in a disk file doesn't seem reasonable because of the
frequent access required. I thought of using a system environment
variable, but services (the http server) don't get changes to the
system environment until the machine is restarted -- the service
controller only reads the environment once, at startup. Any other



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