Distributing MFC200.DLL

Distributing MFC200.DLL

Post by Bruce Pennypack » Sun, 07 Nov 1993 02:51:00

I've been looking through the Microsoft documentation for this but haven't
found anything that coveres it...  I've just finished writing a small
utility I'd like to post to Compuserve and various BBS's that uses
MFC200.DLL, but I'm not sure what the restrictions/guidelines are
regarding distributing the DLL along with the program.  Is there any
documentation that discusses this?


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1. Bug in mfc200.dll?

I think I've found a bug in mfc200.dll!
I have an extention DLL which uses CMapWordToOb.
When I serialize this object from an archive, I can dump out it's size
and check its validity etc. and the object is OK.

However, I can't use the API GetNextAssoc()

An exception error occurs when I use this function in the following code:

ASSERT(pArray != NULL);
WORD key;
CObject *pObject;
// Iterate through the entire m_Map
for(pos=m_Map.GetStartPosition(); pos!=NULL;)
        m_Map.GetNextAssoc(pos, key, pObject);          // GPF here
        CWordArray *wordArray=(CWordArray *)pObject;
            return key;

Someone I know used Codeview (cos I don't know anything about assembly!)
and said the code in mfc200.dll was doing something with DS & SS, which
was causing a fatel error.
In the GetNextAssoc() code in mfc\src, the first itteration into
GetNextAssoc() uses BEFORE_STARTPOSITION (defined at -1) to start it's
job, but in mfc200.dll it doesn't recognise the code. Heres the code and
where it falls down:

void CMapWordToOb::GetNextAssoc(POSITION& rNextPosition,
        WORD& rKey, CObject*& rValue) const
        ASSERT(m_pHashTable != NULL);  // never call on empty map

        CAssoc* pAssocRet = (CAssoc*)rNextPosition;
        ASSERT(pAssocRet != NULL);

*** Fails on the next line when rNextPosition==BEFORE_START_POSITION !!
*** BEFORE_START_POSITION defined as (void*)(NEAR *)-1                  

        if (pAssocRet == (CAssoc*) BEFORE_START_POSITION)
                // find the first association
                for (UINT nBucket = 0; nBucket < m_nHashTableSize;              ! 6

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