The file format of the win95's SHD file

The file format of the win95's SHD file

Post by Feng Yu » Tue, 03 Nov 1998 04:00:00

SHD seems to be generated by the spooler to control the job.
It seems to only contain the document name and printer name.

The actual contents of page to be printed are normally spooled in
EMF format in the system temp directory.



The file format of the win95's SHD file

Post by Jeff Henkel » Wed, 04 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>I have a softwear for win95,when some message coming in,the softwear
>print a simple report out,at the same time,it 'll creat SHD file under
>c:\windows \spool\printers\(such as 00007.shd).and now I want to write
>programm to catch the data which the softwear printing,so I try to read
>SHD file. but I don't know the file format of the win95's SHD file.

I did a partial crack of the SHD format about a month ago and posted it
to this group; check
81&hitnum=0 for a description.

Note that the SHD doesn't directly contain or reference the printer
data -- there should be a .SPL file with the same filename.

When using EMF spooling, the SPL file contains references to EMF files,
one per printed page, which are, of course, enhanced metafile images of
the pages.  When the print job is spooled to the printer, these EMFs are
played into a DC compatible to the printer (the printer's DEVMODE info
is stored in the SPL).  I cracked the EMF-mode SPL about 18 months ago;
62&hitnum=1 for that info.

I've never really looked at raw spooling, but in that case, IIRC, the
SPL file contains raw printer data (PCL/PostScript/whatever).