Tabbing in the tab common control

Tabbing in the tab common control

Post by Jim Welle » Sun, 27 Apr 2003 01:41:54

I am having a heck of a time tabbing among the controls of the child
dialogs on the various tabs of the tab control.  Seems like this
should be easier to accomplish.  I have tried setting "control parent"
in the top level dialog and the child dialogs.  I can't seem to get
the right combination of flags, etc.

Please show me the light!



1. Tabbing in Tab Common Controls

I have created a dialog with several controls including a Tab Common Control
that contains several pages.  Each page contains a dialog with several
controls.  Each page's dialog and all its controls have the Ws_Tabstop

When I run the dialog, and press the Tab key repeatedly, focus moves between
the parent dialogs controls until it reaches one of the Tab control's tabs.
When I then hit the Tab key again, focus moves into the page's controls as I
expect.  However, as I continue to press the Tab key, focus never moves back
out of the child dialog to any of the controls on the parent dialog.  Focus
cycles through the child dialog's controls.

What is the correct way to make Tab move the focus out of the page's dialog
to the parent dialog?

Thank you.

David Liebtag

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