Freelance Programmers Wanted

Freelance Programmers Wanted

Post by j.. » Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:00:00

We are in the process of forming Virtual Programming Teams to work on
many different projects ranging from network control to games. Many
projects being pursued.

To accomplish this we obviously need programmers and will consider ALL
who are looking to get in on a ground floor opportunity of an internet
based software developement company.

To qualify all you will need is skills. (Well I guess you will also
need a P.C. and a compiler). You don't even need work experience but
will have to be able to prove your skills probably via tests.  If you
have the ability to work alone and produce high quality software to
specification then you are the individual we are looking for.

information on this opportunity.

Don't delay as teams are forming as we speak.


1. Freelance Programmer Wanted

Freelance programmer wanted...

        Must know Visual Basic.
        (Unless you can convince me to use another environment.)

        Apple II experience very helpful.
        (Yes, Apple II.  I know it's from before they discovered fire.)

        Simple training programs.
        (So simple my grandmother would do it, but she is tied up porting
        Windows NT to PowerPC.

        Non-disclosure, non-compete agreement mandatory.

        Must be local to Washington DC metro area.

        E-mail short bio or resume...Include voice phone number.

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