Refreshing a root namespace extension

Refreshing a root namespace extension

Post by Chwa » Wed, 31 Mar 1999 04:00:00


I have a problem here with my namespace extension. Everything is working
fine except that when F5 is pressed or when the refresh menu item is
clicked, my namespace is not able to refresh.

According to MSDN documentation, the shell browser will call the
iShellView::Refresh method when F5 is being pressed. However in my shell
extension, the routine is not executed.

I try trapping the WM_Key_Down event in my IShellView interface, but it
seems that this message is being routed to elsewhere. It never enters my

I would appreciate very much if there is anyone out there who can give some



1. Difference between rooted and non-rooted namespace extensions?

'm trying to learn about namespace extensions. This subject really has my
head spinning.

Can anyone give me a clear example of the difference between a rooted and a
non-rooted namespace extension? I've read the descriptions, and they don't
seem to jibe with reality (in Win2K, in any case.) Supossedly, in a rooted
extension, you're not supposed to be able to navigate up beyond the junction
point of the NSE.. yet in the examples I've built using the execrable NSE
Wizard from MSJ, there is no difference in operation between the two - in
both cases, the up arrow icon is available, and I can browse up the tree.

WIth that answered, what is the essential difference in implementation? All
the docs I've read say there is no difference in the code, so perhaps the
difference is in the registry settings? Yet I can't find any difference
there either.

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