MS Word WLL problem

MS Word WLL problem

Post by Cheng T » Thu, 31 Mar 1994 05:40:27

I've been writing a Word Link Library (a renamed DLL with some
autoexecute routines) and I've run across a problem.

I'm trying to allow a macro to pass the name of a macro to a WLL routine
which then executes it via wdCommandDispatch and the equivalent of
"ToolsMacro .Name=macroName .Run".

If I initiate the ToolsMacro call directly from the WLL, the call will
succeed and there are no problems.

If, however, a macro calls the WLL which in turn calls ToolsMacro, the
call will succeed but Word will GPF when Word code is next re-entered.

To summarize:
    1) WLL --> ToolsMacro == OK
    2) macro --> WLL --> ToolsMacro == GPF when Word code is reentered

What I think may be happening:
1) There is a reentrancy problem in which case I am out of luck.
2) I've overflowed the Word stack/heap in which case I can probably
do some work to switch to my own stack/heap.

If you have suggestions or if you can help, please let me know.


Cheng Tan
Kaleida Labs


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Hi all.  I'm migrating a .WLL built for Word 6 and Windows 3.1 to work
under Windows 95 and Word 7 (aka Word 95).  In the startup code for this
.WLL, I subclass the main Word window using a SetWindowLong with
GWL_WNDPROC.  When I do this with Word 7, everything works like a champ
until I do something in Word that causes a dialog box to pop up.  Very
shortly after the dialog box appears, Word crashes with a page fault.
Here's the weird part:  if I have something like Spy running before I
perform that action that causes the dialog box to appear, everything
fine and dandy.  Also, Spy does NOT have to be running before I start
Everything still works fine if I start Word thereby performing the
and then start Spy before the dialog appears.

Environment-wise, the original .WLL was compiled 16-bit using VC++ 1.52
under Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and the new Word 7 stuff is compiled
32-bit using VC++ 4.0 under Windows 95.

Anybody got any ideas?  I'm stumped.

       I neigh, therefore I am (not).    ---- Rene Descarte's horse

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