Handling notification messages from contained subclassed activex control inside dialog class

Handling notification messages from contained subclassed activex control inside dialog class

Post by Mrinmoy Sah » Tue, 28 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have a dialog hosting one activex control, which subclasses a windows tree
control. I am interested in handling some regular windows messages and other
notification messages (like the reflected sel_change message), which I
usually can handle inside my activex control class to be handled inside my
Can somebody suggest how I can send the reflected notification messages
normally received and handled by the activex control to be sent and handled
inside my dialog class. (Somehow controlling the reflector window, maybe??)
I donot want to create a new event for each notification message in my
activex control.

1. MFC ActiveX control inside another MFC ActiveX control - MFC Bug

I have to ActiveX Controls created using the AppControl Wizard
provided by Visual C++ 5. I want to create the first control inside
the second control , and here is what happens.

I create the first control in the OnCreate method of the second object
using a wrapper class created using the Component Wizard. When I
create the (first) control I get an assertion in Wincore.cpp in
CWnd::Attach saying that the window is already mapped (was attached
already), everything works fine if I ignore but when the application
closes it raises an exception and dies (sometimes taking the whole
system with it). I traced inside MFC code and found out that when I
call create and finally Windows creates the window, MFC's hook
function that hooks windows creations attaches the windows before
COleControlSite has a chance to do so, and that's why it asserts.
Didn't the guys at Microsoft think about this situation ?

What do I do ?

Another question : Is there any mechanism to show dialog templates
inside a control - something like COleFormControl ???

   Thanks a buch,
      - Dror Kremer


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