Registering Active Object in In-Process Server for Out of Process Server, HOW?

Registering Active Object in In-Process Server for Out of Process Server, HOW?

Post by Kyle A. Mille » Thu, 20 Jun 2002 00:01:37

I have an in-process server which checks to see if an out of process
server is registered in the Running Object Table. If not, create the
object and register it. I call GetActiveObject first, then make my check
if I should create one. The problem is GetActiveObject fails when
calling from inside the in-process server. If called from a client
application, it is fine.

Is it possible to have a single instance an out of process server which
can be referenced and used by numerous in-process servers? If so, how?

Here are my interface declarations for my test apps and libraries.

IFooXDll = interface(IDispatch)
   function Get_FooExe: IFooXExe; safecall;
   procedure Set_FooExe(const Value: IFooXExe); safecall;
   property FooExe: IFooXExe read Get_FooExe write Set_FooExe;

IFooXExe = interface(IDispatch)
   procedure CurrentDateTime(out CurrDateTime: TDateTime); safecall;


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