Winsock app EGPF with later 16-bit winsock.dll

Winsock app EGPF with later 16-bit winsock.dll

Post by Bobby Ezel » Tue, 09 Feb 1999 04:00:00

We have a several Windows 98 machines which run 16-bit winsock telnet apps
just fine. However there are three machines we use or testing, 1 with Office
2000, 1 with  IE5 and one with Frontpage 98 & Personal Web Server.

All 3 are experiencing similar problems in that they GPF on 16-bit
winsock.dll apps. I can understand some problems with the beta Office 2000
and IE5, but Frontpage has been around for a year. In trying to debug this
it seems there is a memory leak of some type in winsock.dll (or may be our
program) when doing a "connect". However, other Windows 95 and Windows 98
machines without these products installed work fine. They all seem to be
just slight point release differences, but there seems no real way to back
out of the winsock.dll (once installed, we seem to be able to work in 32-bit

Any changes that people know of? I have searched Microsoft time-n-again but
no help. We are getting desparate and not getting anywhere.

Bobby Ezell
Rasmussen Software, Inc.


1. 16 bit Winsock app and auto dial in Win95


I have made an 16 bit WINSOCK application (a maiser) that works fine
under Win3.1 using Trumpet Winsock.
The problem is that it works fine under Win95 only if I have permanent
TCP/IP connection. In case I using dial-up connection my application
does not invoke the win95 auto dialer. I have found out that auto
dial is suppoert only in 32 bit winsock calls. One solution could be
using Trumpet Winsock for Win95 but I prefer MS winsock because of my
Is there a way to invoke auto dialer from a 16 bit application?
Is it possible to call 32bit winsock functions inside 16 bit
What is the minimum code in 32 bit application that invoke autodialer
and close connection at the and.
Because the application is written in Delphi 1.0 I prefer
solution for 16bit Delphi.


                                   Simon Znidar

Simon Znidar
Laboratory for Communication Devices                  
Faculty of Electrical Engineering        
Trzaska 25                           tel:+386 61 17 68 266
SLO 1000 Ljubljana                  fax:+386 61 12 64 630

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