Problem with the listviewcontrol !!!! ==> subclass problem ???

Problem with the listviewcontrol !!!! ==> subclass problem ???

Post by Degraeve Dimitr » Fri, 17 Apr 1998 04:00:00


        I'm programming a MDI application in Visual C++ 5.0. ( using C, not the
MFC-classes !) and encounter some strange problems with the listview

        I've already used some listviewcontrols in my program, either as
childwindows of the MDI-children or implemented in a dialogbox. All those
controls worked fine, but now I'm implementing again listviewcontrols as
children of a MDI-child and I get the following problems :

1) I can't size the columnheaders anymore ( nothing wrong with the style )
2) I can't change an image of a listviewcontrol anymore, using
3) In one particular listview-control (LVS_REPORT style), I'm unable to set
the text of the first subitem of my listview control.

        The only thing I'm doing different then before is SUBCLASSING the
listviewcontrol. If I run through my program step by step, it runs fine
through the subclassprocedure  and passes the messages again to the normal
procedure. The only thing I seem to have troubles with are the "listview
macro's". I've gone through my code thoroughly and don't think the problem
situates itself elswhere ....

        Is subclassing a "common control" a problem or has anyone yet encountered
problems subclassing a common control, I'd really like to know,

thanks in advance,



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