how to send a telegram using spx/ipx

how to send a telegram using spx/ipx

Post by Volker Kuhnl » Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

Id like to know how I can send a telegram from a Novell NetWare Client to
another NetWare
Client, using the Novell NetWare Ethernet_802.3 spx/ipx protocol.

On Client (WfW 3.11, 16-bit) is the Client, the other Client running Win98
is the Server, receiving the messages.

are there any code-snippets avvailabe?

which API should I use?

Any help / suggestions / welcome!

Thank you very much in advance,


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Can anyone help!

I am new to sockets programming, and have a question I need answered. There
is a function called SOCKET socket (int af,  int type,  int protocol ),
which is not a member of either CAsyncSocket or CSocket, but part of the
Platform SDK. I am assuming, according to the info. given about the
function, that the third argument allows you to choose the type of protocol
you wish to use for your application i.e IPX, SPX or anyother protocol you
choose. How doyou do this using the MFC CAsyncSocket and CSocket classes

Thanks in advance.

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