Help with writing a Windows NT 4.0 Printer Graphics Driver

Help with writing a Windows NT 4.0 Printer Graphics Driver

Post by T. S. Li » Sat, 11 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I hope this is appropriate newsgroup for this posting.

I am building a Windows NT 4.0 Printer driver that basically lets GDI
render into a bitmap.  I am not using the Unidriver approach because of
certain limitations, hence I am basing this driver on the Postscript and
FrameBuffer source.  For now, the bitmap is 1 Bit Per Pixel (Monochrome),
and later I would like it to be configurable to 24 Bits Per Pixel.

So far, my driver is working pretty well except for 1 thing.  Somehow, GDI
is not halftoning or dithering into the bitmap.  I am probably not setting
something correctly in GDIINFO or DEVINFO at DrvEnablePDEV().  

I am setting the following:
        devinfo.iDitherFormat = BMF_1BPP;
        // my driver does not create its own brush
        devinfo.cxDither  = 0;
        devinfo.cyDither  = 0;

        devinfo.hPalDefault = EngCreatePalette(PAL_RGB, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);         // <--Is
this right???

        gdiinfo.ulHTPatternSize = HT_PATSIZE_8x8;               // Tried others, still same
        gdiinfo.ulHTOutputFormat = HT_FORMAT_1BPP;              
        gdiinfo.ulHTFlags = HT_FLAG_HAS_BLACK_DYE;      

        gdiinfo.ulNumColors = 2;
        gdiinfo.cBitsPixel = 1;

        gdiinfo.ulDACRed = 8;           // Are these applicable to printers????
        gdiinfo.ulDACGreen = 8;
        gdiinfo.ulDACBlue = 8;

        gdiinfo.ulNumPalReg = 2;

I searched thru' the DDK/MSDN documentation, and I am confounded by this
problem.  I would appreciate any help.


T. S. Lim


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