Subclassing FONT Commond Dialog Box

Subclassing FONT Commond Dialog Box

Post by Bill D. Baldast » Thu, 28 May 1998 04:00:00

Good day everyone!

It would be absoloutly lovely if I could use the Windows Common Font
dialog box,
however my program will require additional features to it -- namely the
ability to write in an 'outline' font style, as well as background
colours, and a border around the text which will be editable in the
dialog window. Can someone tell me if there is a somewhat painless way
of subclassing the common dialog box? Or do I have to do this font
manipulation from scratch? I'm new to window subclassing under the Win32
API, and all the font procs where NOT fun when I did all this stuff
under OS/2... :(

Bill Baldasti
IBM Canada Ltd.


Subclassing FONT Commond Dialog Box

Post by Neil J. Rubenki » Thu, 28 May 1998 04:00:00

Not painless, but one of the elements of the CHOOSEFONT structure is an
old-fashioned dialog template that can be substituted for the default
dialog. I've never done this; I assume you must duplicate the existing
controls, with the same control IDs. Another field of the structure is
the address of a "hook" procedure that receives messages aimed at the
font dialog and either passes them on or processes them. You may be able
to find a code example for doing this. Keywords might be CHOOSEFONT,
lpfnHook, and lpTemplateName.
Neil J. Rubenking
Contributing Technical Editor
PC Magazine


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