Register mscal.ocx?!? Help!

Register mscal.ocx?!? Help!

Post by Matt Coop » Sun, 24 May 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know what all the dependencies are for the microsoft calendar control ver 8.0.[something or the other]??  I
can't for the life of me get it to register with install shield or regsvr32 on a clean machine w/ 95 OSR1 or NT
Workstation 4.  I've tried all the obvious things such as the various mfc*.dll's and common control ocx's but can't
figure it out.  My link checker doesn't show any dependencies I'm not including.  Does ver 8 only work in OSR2?  If
that's the situation, could someone please ( pretty please ) email me version 7?

Thanks a million to anyone who can help!

Matt Cooper
Security Software Engineer
CygnaCom Solutions, Inc.

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Register mscal.ocx?!? Help!

Post by mike.bron.. » Sun, 06 Feb 2005 01:16:23

I'm having the exact same problem. Here's my error message. Any help is
greatly appreciated!

Error 1904. Module C:\WINNT\System32\mscal.ocx failed to register.
HRESULT -214767259. Contact your support personnel.

I also tried manual registration using regsvr32, and that failed as



1. mscal.ocx not registered anymore

I am working on a vb app that I shuttle back and forth from work to
home via ftp. I use vb6 proffesional/sp5 at both locations and have
been working on it for a couple months like that.

 Anyhow it uses the mscal.ocx on one of the forms and my home system
seems to have lost the ability to use the mscal.ocx within vb. It no
longer appears as selectable on the component menu and if I browse and
select it from the windows\system32 directory I get an error message
telling me it is not registered correctly.

The latest compile of the program (that I did prior to the ocx load
problems) runs fine on the same system including the form that uses
the mscal.ocx.

I am using Winxp Professional and have tried a complete uninstall and
reinstall of vb with no change.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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