How can I handle file I/O in DLL?

How can I handle file I/O in DLL?

Post by sui.. » Mon, 16 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have difficulty to handle file I/O in DLL. The fopen() works fine in
.EXE. But once I add the codes to the DLL, it cannot read the file. Why?

The following are my DLL:

// Convert the function into PASCAL standards.
UINT FAR _pascal ORAWFAttachImageToCase(char * lpszDatabaseName)
    FILE * pInFilePtr;
    char szDatabaseName[81] = {NULL};
    char szDatabasePath[81] = {NULL};
    char szInFileName[] = "C:\\WORK\\WOI.INI";
    char szFunctionName[] = "ORAWFCASE.ORAWFCreateImageDocInCase";
    int  iReturnCode;

    //If the file cannot be opened, do nothing.
   if ((pInFilePtr = fopen (szInFileName, "r" )) == NULL)
        MessageBox(NULL, "The file WOI.INI cannot not be opened.\n",
                 szFunctionName, MB_ICONHAND);
           fclose (pInFilePtr);

         //If the database name is not passed by the calling program,
         //display error.
           if (lpszDatabaseName == NULL)
             MessageBox(NULL, "No image database is supplied by the
                       calling program.\n", szFunctionName, MB_ICONHAND);
           //If the program cannot get the database path, display error.
           //If it does, modify the database path.
             iReturnCode = GetPrivateProfileString("Databases",
                         lpszDatabaseName, " ",
                         szDatabasePath, sizeof(szDatabasePath),

           if (iReturnCode == NULL)
                  MessageBox(NULL, "No image database is specified in
                         WOI.INI.\n", szFunctionName, MB_ICONHAND);
              iReturnCode = WritePrivateProfileString("O/i", "DMSysPath",
                            szDatabasePath, szInFileName);



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