Getting tab order for a dialog control

Getting tab order for a dialog control

Post by Bill Whed » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 12:46:58

I have the HWND for a control, say, a button
I have the HWND for its parent dialog.

I know that I can ever-so-slowly traverse the chain of children and
determine previous and following tabs, but:

Is there some reasonably simple method for determining the tab order
of that control?  Some hidden nugget of info in extra bytes which is
used by Windows, but unavailable via simple SDK call?  Or perhaps some
hidden SDK call, hidden in the sense that I haven't unearthed it?

All helpful suggestions appreciated!
Bill Whedon
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1. How to control the tab order in dialog with a tab control?

I have a dialog which has a tab control and several other controls -- some
buttons and edit boxes.  A couple of the edit boxes are above the tab
control and a couple are below it.  The problem I have is with the tabbing
order.  When you tab through the controls in the dialog, the focus first
goes through the other controls in the dialog (the ones above and below
the tab control) and then the controls inside the tab control -- even
though the tab control is in the proper position in the dialog template.

I think what's happening is probably because the controls inside the tab
control in a dialog which is a child of the main dialog.  (I believe
that's the recommended way of doing it).  But it's very confusing for the
user for the tab order to work this way.

Is there an easy way of fixing this problem?  I know I could subclass the
appropriate controls in the dialog and handle the tab key myself, but I'd
prefer a more global solution (I have several dialogs like this).

I suspect that using property sheets would solve my problem, but switching
to property sheets isn't really practical for me.

Thanks for any assistance.
- Eric S.

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