improve net perf?

improve net perf?

Post by Stev » Fri, 16 Feb 2001 01:10:23

I run a small departmental LAN running on Win2000 platform.  I've got
a W2k server that does user authentication and runs my Oracle

One thing I've noticed since upgrading to W2k is that I no longer have
the choice to choose my network's "default protocol" as in Win9x/NT.
I wanted the performance of simple NetBEUI, but also needed TCP/IP for
to verify network dongle license for certain applications.

I have both of these protocols installed - is it necessary for me to
set NetBEUI as the default protocol?  If yes, how?

If no, and TCP/IP becomes default, then how can I optimize TCP/IP's
packet transmission behaviour for my database?


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I'm getting a new computer at work and was thinking of getting a dual P2
or P3 since I run NT workstation. However, I don't think most (if any)
programs I run are multithreaded (take advantage of more than one
processor). Mostly Netscape, a telnet program, a ftp program, Exceed,
and various other programs that I run occasionally. I usually have
several (upwards of 5) Netscape and telent windows open at once. Would
dual processors give me any performance increase? Would the OS run
Netscape on one processor and the telnet on the other?

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